If you are unable to keep your baby adoption is a good permanent option. 
This is a legal process and the family that baby will be placed at, has to go through a screening process. 
If you consider adoption as your option, you need to see a social worker. I will be able to guide you to the best social worker that does not only care about the baby but also about you. 

You will go with your social worker to court to sign consent. When you sign consent you will sign that  you understand the process, that you will no longer be the parent and that you have no financial or parental responsibilities. After you have signed you have 60 days to come back to your decision, after the 60 days you cannot come back, your rights will be taken and officially baby is now able to be adopted. The social worker will now select a family that she has previously screened, to give your baby a stable, permanent and loving home. During the 60 days baby will stay at a baby home.

To give your baby up for adoption you need to be 18 years or older, if you are younger you need you parents or guardian to sign the adoption consent form for you and you need to be a South African Resident. 

The social worker will ask you to keep your address and information updated. Because you child may wish to know who you, when they turn 18 year they are able to go and look for you, to ask you questions and to get to know you. 
As your child will be brought up by another family, you may experience feelings of loss, guilt, denial, regret and grief. 

There are no costs involved by giving your baby up for adoption.
Even though the decision is yours to make, I am here if you need any assistants.

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