Isiaiah 54 Children's Sanctuary 

Isiaiah 54 Children's Sanctuary is were Open Arms was born.
Glynnis the founder of Isiaiah 54 Children's Sanctuary has been looking after abused, abandoned and HIV infected children over 30 years.

Isiaiah 54 Children's Sanctuary raises their children as part of the family. We have a mother and a father and the other care givers are aunties.  We create a family environment, were love stands as number 1.
We are the voice of our children that are unable to speak for themselves.
Our children are place via the police and the child welfare. We take children in from newborn up to 5 years.
We do have bigger children as we adopted 5.
We are one big happy family!

All the babies that are put in the Open Arms Baby Save,  will be placed at the baby house, to be loved, to eat and bath. After that we will contact the social worker who will take the case.  

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