Welcome to open arms

Do you feel overwhelmed, ashamed, depressed, alone, scared confused, unloved, desperate, in the need to talk to someone?

Do you think you are not a good mother for your baby, are you unable to keep baby, thinking of abandoning baby and you have no idea what to do?
Please contact me, as I am here for you and I will not judge you!
Know that whatever you tell me stays confidential!
You are never alone, I am here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our contact details: 
whatsapp/phone number: 084 488 1359
email: help@openarmssa.org
facebook:  www.facebook.com/openarmssa

Need help?
You can whatsapp, facebook and email me. I will not judge you but  will find the best solution for you and your baby.

Would you rather go to a crisis pregnancy centre to meet face to face with the staff

Baby Savers

The baby saver is a safe way to anonymously surrender your baby. 
Do you want to know if there is a baby safe in your area?

What Options Do I Have
Now that you found yourself pregnant there is a lot that goes through your head. Before you make uninformed decisions, find out what your options are.

Have you been raped, do not suffer in silence, but go for counselling.

Find rape centre's in your area.

In need of Shelter?

Short term shelter for pregnant or a mother with children, and in need of care.