Abortion in South Africa is legal, so you can legally ask for a abortion at your local clinic or hospital free of charge. Abortions can only be done within the 12 weeks of your pregnancy, after 12 weeks will you will have to go to a private legal registered clinic who will preform the termination of  your pregnancy with a price.

An abortion is not something you should think of as an easy way out. Even though your pregnancy will be terminated with an abortion, emotionally it is not easy at all, post (after) depression is very common as well as feelings of guilt and regret .

Please make sure that if you have an abortion that its done by a legal recognized clinic or hospital. There are many backstreet abortions that are more then willing to help you aborting after 12 weeks/30weeks, it is not only a criminal practice , it also very dangerous, baby could deform or you will go in to premature labor and the risk that you and your baby die is very much possible.

Even though the decision is yours to make, I am here if you need any assistants.

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