The Mommy Mentor Program

For many mommies2be and mommies a support system is not available, which makes pregnancy and raising a child a stressful event. Therefor I designed a program that will create a support system for the mommies and mommies2be. This support system will support them emotionally, build self-esteem, encourage and empowers. In no way will the mentor support financially or look after the baby/child, that is the responsibility of the mother. A mentor can if able to collect some donations towards the mother, but that is not compulsory, but an act of kindness.
The mentor will not push their believes, judgement or opinion onto the mother when not directly asked for.

“I believe that we raise future leaders, doctors and teacher by empowering mothers to be strong women. No mountain is to high, no river is to deep if we have to tools to survive.” YMG

When you apply to become a mentor we ask you for 3 references, these 3 can be, a friend, a pastor, your GP, boss, colleague, but no family member and not more then 1 friend. We ask for that so that we can find out who you. This mentor program relays on trust so we need know as much as possible. We also ask for a police clearance, we don't want criminals dealing with our vulnerable mommies. I do have a contact that can easily do a police clearance if you would like to, just send me email and I will send it to you.