The Open Arms Baby safe is based in Durban - Bluff, but is closed for now.

How to drop your baby in Open Arms Baby Save

  1. Open the door
  2. Place your baby on her of his back inside
  3. Close the door
  4. The door will automatically lock, and I will be notified.

Within 3 minutes I will come and take your baby to our baby house. 
At the baby house, your baby will be cared for and will get lots of love.
We will take baby to our doctor for a medical check up
We will also contact the social worker so she can take the case and work towards adoption.

Know that doing this does NOT make you a bad mother, because you are not. It makes you a mother that cares about her baby and wants the best for her baby, as you feel you are not able to give your baby what it deserves. 

Do you want to know if there is a baby safe in your area please click on your province to see where they are. If your province is not listed please contact me and see how we can go from there.



Baby drop box

Life isn't always easy and becoming a mother is something beautiful,
unfortunately not for all of us. 
For you it might be your worst nightmare.
There could be many reasons why it is a nightmare for you. 
For example:  You fell pregnant due to incest,rape, abusive relationship, etc..
Maybe you find yourself in a culture issue such as mix race,  
your family doesn't like the father of your baby
and you are only welcome without your baby.

This type of pressure and having nobody to turn to,
makes you feel lonely, scared and pushed to do things for example
abortion or abandoning your baby as you feel pushed into a corner.
In panic we do things to escape situations.

Open Arms is here for you,
to be your light in the darkness,
to be the shoulder to cry on,
to have the support from a friend that you need.
Open Arms does NOT judge, will be there for you and support you.
Our contact details:

whatsapp/phone number: 084 488 1359

Abandoning your baby in the street is not safe for your baby, that is why we have a baby Safe were you can anonymously and safely leave your baby.