Child welfare is there for the children and their families. 
They will try and assist were ever possible to help the child.
People often think that they just take children away from families for good, but that is not true. They want to build families not break families, but all with the best interested of the child in sight.

A lot of the Child Welfare Centre's Run lovely, fun, encouraging  projects for children and their families. 
Contact your local welfare and find out how they can help you and how you can help them!

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Child Welfare, They:

SPEAK: on behalf of children, LOBBY: on matters affecting the well-being and safety of children, ADVOCATE: for the rights of children, CREATE: public awareness on children’s needs and conditions affecting their well-being, CHALLENGE: social conditions detrimental to children, EDUCATE: the public on the nature, extent and value of child welfare services, PARTICIPATE: in the change and formulation of legislation and policies affecting children, REACH: out to disadvantaged communities to initiate services for children, FACILITATE: the development of services to children and families,EMPOWER: communities to address their needs, DISSEMINATE: information on issues affecting children and on services in aid of children, TRAIN: support and guide towards effective service delivery,BUILD: the capacity of child welfare societies to render relevant, appropriate and effective services, CO-ORDINATE: child welfare services, STANDARD: setting for service delivery, DEVELOP: guidelines for service programs, ORGANISATIONAL: development in child welfare societies, RESEARCH: phenomena affecting children and service programs, WORK: towards the equitable distribution of services with the most disadvantaged communities as focus areas.